We all possess the same flaws – we are human. In today’s discussion, we are going to review the very natural human instinct involved in wanting others to solve our problems. Be it the doctor, the repairman, or the accountant, individuals and businesses consistently make decisions based on the advice of subject matter experts. The problem arises when these experts take advantage of, or prey on, their clients and customers.


When this happens you or your company are left with a bag full of hidden fees and unplanned expenses. At every turn when you ask for help, you are met with a wall of excuses and reasons why you can’t have better service at a lower price. It would literally be like your CPA taking the IRS’s side while you struggle with your taxes. Enough! Our goal at Beaird is to advocate for you with your vendors and suppliers – never again will you be alone; never again at their mercy. Contact us at www.beairdsolutions.com