We’re Not Your Average
Supply Chain Consultants

Let’s Be Real.

Unfortunately, most supply chain consultants aren’t worth their weight in paperclips. They bury you with documents, baffle you with their algorithms, and bombard you with reams of reports that you know will never see the light of day. At Beaird, we believe in the value of relationships, the accountability that accompanies a handshake, and the beauty of simplicity. For the past decade, we’ve adhered to a simple yet powerful three-word credo that has served us — and our clients — exceedingly well:

Realistic. Pragmatic. Results.

The Beaird Story

Beaird was founded in 2013 by David “Dave” Beaird to bring a pragmatic approach to the 21st Century Supply Chain.

Since then, the world has dramatically changed, and “Supply Chain” has become a significant, visible point of impact for society.

The “Just in Time” World is ending; political, economic and security necessities are driving a “Just In Case” world as business leaders struggle with Customer Fill Rates; Wrong Inventory; and decisions to Re-shore or not.

Our firm’s DNA comes from Dave’s time at West Point and as an Artillery Officer in the U.S. Army. He believes very much in Service, Creativity, and Pragmatism. Planning and executing in a volatile, dynamic world are basic “table stakes” in the post-Pandemic Supply Chain World. Our focus is to drive your company’s EBITDA and Working Capital in a way that your Customer’s are satisfied and your return is maximized.

Simple, easy to execute plans offer far more success than complex, theoretical ones. That’s why Dave will always ask, “How feasible is this?”

At the end of the day, the Plan must be executable and valuable!

How We Work

We work through immersion with your teams. A fundamental understanding of not only the stated issue, but also of the interactive dynamics of your team are paramount to determining your very specific solution.

Why We’re Different

Our difference is our approach and our pragmatism. Theories and textbooks are good for a foundation, not an implementable solution. We listen to you; we understand you; then we determine the best direction for you and ensure things happen quickly to make your company better!

Accountability Starts at the Top

Dave Beaird


David “Dave” Beaird founded Beaird Solutions as a way to help overwhelmed business leaders gain traction and improve their situations without a “traditional” consulting process that rarely works. Obsessed with results, Dave focuses on intently listening to the business owner/leader, understanding his or her intent, and crafting a solution that will work for that circumstance. This commitment to service stems from Dave’s time as a West Point trained Field Artillery Officer with combat experience where, time and again, Dave and his teams focused on delivering the fires that manuever leaders needed with no room for error. Dave has been classically trained in business at The Wharton Business School as well as experience gleaned from his time with the Boston Consulting Group. Finally, Dave has real world executive experience with Fortune 500 Companies as a business leader – specifically CPG. Dave is a Husband, Father of two and an aspiring Grill Master… (aspiring)

Ready for Beaird to take your supply chain and operations strategies to the next level?