Meet Dave

David “Dave” Beaird founded Beaird Solutions as a way to help overwhelmed business leaders gain traction and improve their situations without a “traditional” consulting process that rarely works. Obsessed with results, Dave focuses on intently listening to the business owner/leader, understanding his or her intent, and crafting a solution that will work for that circumstance. This commitment to service stems from Dave’s time as a West Point trained Field Artillery Officer with combat experience where, time and again, Dave and his teams focused on delivering the fires that manuever leaders needed with no room for error. Dave has been classically trained in business at The Wharton Business School as well as experience gleaned from his time with the Boston Consulting Group. Finally, Dave has real world executive experience with Fortune 500 Companies as a business leader – specifically CPG. Dave is a Husband, Father of two and an aspiring Grill Master… (aspiring)

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