Much “buzz” exists around supply chain collaboration in today’s business environment. It is a hot topic for very good reasons. Effective collaboration across the supply chain leads to significant reductions in corporate cost structure – due in large part to facilitating inventory reductions, increasing the speed of logistics, and improving customer service and satisfaction. While the benefits of supply chain collaboration are immense, often the joint initiatives between consumer goods manufacturers and retailers fall short of realizing these gains. Not only will ineffective collaboration between companies fail to create business improvements, it can also destroy any enthusiasm toward future attempts to streamline operations with other partners and within their own organizations as well.

While supply chain collaborations are often fruitless, failure is not inevitable. With the right approach, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers can avoid common mistakes and develop productive collaborations that improve the bottom lines of both companies. Implementing a carefully planned operational strategy is a proven technique for optimizing the integration of sales, marketing, and supply chain organizations. Even so, very few companies have implemented this process.

It’s time to take a hard look at your company’s operational strategy,” says David Beaird. “Does your company have an operational strategy? Have you outsourced your operations with no strategy? Are your departments silo-bound and not working together? Are you paying too much for your in-house operations?

An operational strategy that includes a productive supply chain collaboration has the potential to deliver real business results. According to Supply Chain Quarterly, implementing a successful supply chain collaboration can increase profits by 5 to 11 percent in just a single CPG category. The increased profits come directly from improved sales performance as well as a reduction in cost structure. To realize these results, a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Developing a customized solution for a specific business application is required.

Above all else, understanding the commercial strategy of a business is the most important aspect of creating an optimized and streamlined operational strategy. This understanding, in combination with today’s latest operations and supply chain technology, enables customized solutions for businesses of any kind.

To remain competitive, an effective operational strategy is not a luxury, but a necessity. Partnering with an experienced and trusted advisor that puts the needs of clients at the forefront is essential to ensuring that collaborations are effective and beneficial.

Beaird Solutions is a true advocate for client needs. Understanding the importance of developing an operational strategy for effective supply chain collaboration, Beaird Solutions builds productive relationships with key stakeholders to implement business solutions that deliver real results. Beaird excels at providing mentorship and training for senior leadership on integrating effective operational strategies into existing corporate structures, as well as instituting initiatives that break down dividing walls within an organization to promote effective teamwork. When it comes to delivering operational strategies that directly impact business performance, Beaird Solutions does it all.

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