Consumer Packaged Goods

Overview of Our Expertise

We have deep and exceptional experience in the Consumer Goods space, primarily with Food, Beverage and Dairy. This experience derives from our Founder Dave Beaird’s operational leadership with CPG companies, as well as our experience providing actionable insight to Consumer Goods Companies since our founding.

Path To Market Reset

We conducted a Path to Market reset for one Consumer Goods client, shifting delivered goods from Common Carrier / 3rd party market to Dedicated support, improving both service and cost.

Supply Chain Reset

We assisted a Private Equity Portfolio Company as the company transitioned its supply chain footprint by establishing Coast to Coast transit taking on time delivery from less than 50% to a 99.9% on time / in full service level.

Negotiated Win

We took action leveraging industry experience and relationships to renegotiate Transportation and Logistics rates in the face of one of the worst Transportation markets in memory. Client experienced a real cost reduction of $2MM per year; as well as mitigated a market that was beginning to impinge on the company’s EBIT.

SKU Simplification

We framed and led execution of a SKU Rationalization project that reduced complexity and simplified operations while not negatively impacting Sales Revenue.

How We Help

We help by knowing operationally what will work and what will not. We have seen most of it before, and are wary of mistakes.

Our Insights

Your situation is one that will work for you. No cookie cutters here. Your Solution is as unique as your fingerprint. Our Insights come from creating unique solutions.

Ready for Beaird to take your supply chain and operations strategies to the next level?