Industrial Manufacturing and Supply

Overview of Our Expertise

We have long standing relationships with our Industrial Manufacturing clients. Our expertise is with a Domestic US base and we believe that as Supply Chains begin to relocate from overseas to a US base, we are in an exceptional position to help with the set-up of an orderly transition.

Tailored KPI’s

We provided detailed, actionable Key Performance Indicators that allowed business clients to manage through issues as well as enable clients to predict issues.

Inbound Strategy

We worked with client to develop an entire Logistics Strategy to support the flow of Inbound raw materials. Traditionally, the inbound shipment costs were seen as a part of Cost of Goods and buried. We demonstrated to Executive Management how significant value could be delivered if we treated the Inbound Logistics with the same discipline as Outbound Deliveries.

Lead Time Impact

We worked with Industrial Manufacturer to reset Modes of Transportation from higher cost to lower cost methods of transport. This was accomplished through negotiation and supply chain planning to extend lead times.

Governance Reboot

We worked with Industrial Manufacturer to reset governance structure between Central Supply Chain Planning and Field Business Units. With an aligned, matrix governance structure, excessive costs were mitigated and service was ensured.

How We Help

We help by knowing operationally what will work and what will not. We have seen most of it before, and are wary of mistakes.

Our Insights

Your situation is one that will work for you. No cookie cutters here. Your Solution is as unique as your fingerprint. Our Insights come from creating unique solutions.

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