Simplification & Complexity Reduction

The very first, most important aspect of gaining or regaining operational control of your business is to take a look at how to mitigate complexity through simplification. Most businesses grow more and more complex with age. Sometimes it is due to competitive advantage, sometimes out of necessity; but long term viability is tied to an ability to, from time to time, simplify the complex. Simplification leads to Standardization which enables Automation. Simplification allows us to better measure and improve process. Simplification, therefore, will lead to better command and control, driving Synchronization and unlock exceptional synergies in cost savings and service betterment – the drivers of profitable growth…[Read More]

Process & Performance Alignment

Tying back to our firm’s Military DNA, a Combined Arms Perspective will bring all elements of the battlefield into alignment for the victory. Likewise, we must review your business operation almost through a military lense to ensure all units are aligned behind the strategy of the leadership. Once we are aligned, we then can drive Simplification and the subsequent betterments. Alignment is the enablement of our Simplification Process…[Read More]

Departmental Assessment & Improvement

If we do not measure, we cannot see. If we cannot see, we cannot fix, and we will ALWAYS be at the mercy of REACTING versus being PROACTIVE. We will not be able to drive betterment without measuring and objectively understanding what we see, and how we can improve…[Read More]

Supply Chain Synchronization & Optimization

The final goal of any Supply Chain Operation is to be both Synchronized and Optimized. These are Journeys that take some time of self-reflection and understanding as a company. We fully believe and support this goal. Let us be your guides! [Read More]

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