Simplification and Complexity Reduction

Overview of Our Expertise

The very first, most important aspect of gaining or regaining operational control of your business is to take a look at how to mitigate complexity through simplification. Most businesses grow more and more complex with age. Sometimes it is due to competitive advantage, sometimes out of necessity; but long term viability is tied to an ability to, from time to time, simplify the complex. Simplification leads to Standardization which enables Automation. Simplification allows us to better measure and improve process. Simplification, therefore, will lead to better command and control, driving Synchronization and unlock exceptional synergies in cost savings and service betterment – the drivers of profitable growth.

Reset 3rd Party
Transportation Ownership

We noticed that one client was operating in a decentralized fashion in an area where if they managed centrally, they could leverage their scale for a better outcome. We built in safe-guards for the decentralized groups so that Service was not sacrificed. An added benefit was that each Business Unit could leverage the centrally captured data for insight driving better service at better cost.

Financial VS Operational Review

We worked with one client to develop Operational Metrics which could drive behavior in lieu of the several Financial Metrics developed by the Accountants. Streamlining the reporting complexity to what the Operators could use paid definite dividends.

Order Process Mess

We worked cross functionally with Sales/Ops/Finance to reset the Order Process for a rapidly growing company. The disjointed Order Process caused several spoils and created havoc with production and staging for transport. An end to end workshop provided the right timing for all stakeholders and mitigated exceptional waste.

Innovating Innovation

We were asked by one CPG client to see the impact of innovation to the overall supply chain. We noticed fairly quickly that the Sales Teams were selecting Production Locations vs the Operators. Small batches were being used in Mass Production facilities, damaging the cost/margin of the primary products. Worked on segregating innovation into innovation plants or co-packers for growth. Both Innovation and Standard P&L’s improved.

How We Help

We help by knowing operationally what will work and what will not. We have seen most of it before, and are wary of mistakes.

Our Insights

Your situation is one that will work for you. No cookie cutters here. Your Solution is as unique as your fingerprint. Our Insights come from creating unique solutions.

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