Procurement of raw materials, inputs and packaging is not as straight forward as many assume. Procurement is a combination of strategy, process and intuition. If your perspective regarding sourcing or procurement strategy is simply calling a supplier and paying, then exceptional unseen value is just waiting to be unlocked.

The question becomes: What is the right strategy to harness the ideal buying process?


The best input pricing

Reduction in Service Failure

Minimal spoils / obsolescence

Another consideration: How could “Inbound Logistics” impact the Operations?

In this arena, details and deep knowledge are important to achieve sourcing or procurement results. Going alone, without proper analysis and strategy, is akin to a road trip without a map. You may get to your destination at some point, but the trip will almost certainly be costly and time consuming.

We will leverage forecasting and communications with Sales to drive this effort.

Regardless of the levels of experience involved in your current process, we pride ourselves in delivering a collaborative procurement solution that leads to tangible, real-world results.

Video Transcript:

Three components of the supply chain – buy, make and move. Today, let’s briefly discuss BUY which consists of all the procurement actions that you take for your operation. Buying can be overwhelming. It is a world of pennies that add up to real dollars very, very quickly. How good are you at negotiating for your company? How good are your people? We here at Beaird can help you review your buying program or help you establish a buying strategy. We will do this with working capital and service levels in mind. Look, buying encapsulates one of the single largest costs that can impact your business – do not go it alone – let us help you, let us support you!.