Supply Chain and Operational Cost Savings Opportunities exist in EVERY BUSINESS.

In many cases, the cost savings opportunities manifest themselves as “necessary evils” or “small items” that roll up into large numbers.

Most operators and supply chain consultancies focus only on the Cost Savings aspect – and many times the effort fails because TOO MUCH cost is taken out; thereby throwing the customer service aspect of the business into disarray.

We focus on TOTAL DELIVERED COST and / or LEAST LANDED COST to ensure that your business gets the best return on its spend (we look at how all costs interact with each other).

Video Transcript:

Cost savings, that’s why we’re really here right? Well, let’s be careful. Just as we will not service at all costs; we should not cut costs at the expense of service. We must balance your cost and service by crushing inefficiencies and cost, but not sacrificing service to do so. Two types of cost savings – designed and quick wins. Our intent is to find enough quick wins to more than offset your spend on our firm while we design what tomorrow should look like. A Beaird cost cutting engagement is unlike others, because we can, and will drive bottom line results without damaging or hampering the growth of the top line!