Customer Service is the most critical component of your Operation.

A lot of work goes into acquiring a customer; keeping them happy is paramount to any business’s survival.

Every industry and business has their own perspective on adequate service level; with ‘better in class’ businesses having a firm grip on how to delight the customer via their operational capabilities.

Customer service doesn’t just happen – it requires a joint and combined effort by all departments and functions.

We excel at bringing together the team to execute and deliver the best service possible at the right cost.

Video Transcript:

Let’s face it, most supply chain people are terrible. They focus and fixate on minutia and complexity that will never be realized in the real world execution. Our approach at Beaird is different. If the customer is always right, you better believe your operational strategy must enhance your customer service, if not, then you are wrong. We make things right by focusing more on teaming with sales and marketing, enabling sales growth, reducing out of stocks and driving customer delight by delivering on what your sales teams have promised your customers. Customer service satisfaction should be the number one priority of any supply chain or operation. Period.