Forecasting is one of the best ways to begin to upgrade your Supply Chain and Operations.

Forecasting is not looking backward and it’s not leveraging last year. There is a science involved in developing a solid forecast.

Forecasting does not exist with one person and a computer – it is a dynamic process that will touch all parts of your business (Sales / Operations / Marketing / Finance).

We work with forecasting at different levels over different time horizons.

Annual / Quarterly / Monthly / Weekly

No Service Failures

By Business Unit

By Category

Video Transcript:

Let’s discuss forecasting. No one gets the forecast right – ever. So why should we do it; well, very much like your weather forecast, you can be prepared for the more likely issues you will face. Forecasting and demand planning is the “weather forecast” for your business; it gives you a perspective on how much or how little you should buy, produce and be prepared to move. It is a mixture of science and art, and something you don’t need to have on the payroll unless you are a very, very large company. This one is easy, let us develop and execute your forecast for you – we have the specialized tools, techniques and procedures to make it happen.