Make vs Buy analysis – when should you leverage a 3rd party and when should you bring in-house?

Capacity / Capital decisions – is it time to make an investment in new equipment or a facility (operational pace of scaling)?

Finished Goods Inventory Levels.

Should the business be ”Make to Order” or “Make to Forecast”?

How do we handle Innovation and Stage Gate Processes?

Video Transcript:

Three components of the supply chain – buy, make and move. Let’s touch on MAKE. Are you as efficient as you would like to be? Do you even know how to answer that question? Should you be a “Make to Order” operation or a “Make to Forecast”? How much overtime is right? How many shifts? How is the process continuously reviewed? And if you are not making products for yourself, but have a third party doing so, there is an entirely different approach we need to take to make sure you are getting the best value for your money! Make can become very expensive, let us help you with planning and execution so you can make more money!