Point of Service Execution

Product at the right place at the right time in the right amount.

Insource or outsource warehousing, transportation and delivery?

If leveraging 3rd party, we can lead Bid Process, Negotiations, Compile Routing Guides and Track Adherence.

If leveraging in-house transport / delivery, we can assist with Fleet Purchase, Safety and Department of Transportation (DOT) elements and regulations.

Operational Network Optimization to provide perspective on where and how you should service your customers – Optimization Tools and Maps.

Video Transcript:

Three components of operations: buying, making and moving. Today, we are going to talk about MOVE. And you might think you have move taken care of, I can tell you that you probably don’t. The reason why is there are a lot of very big companies that have made a lot of money of small and growing companies like yours because they are able to hide a lot of fees that you are not aware of or they are able to pull tricks that on your report card you think you look good, but in actuality, in your checkbook, you don’t look good.

Did they do your bid process or did you do your bid process? If they did, it needs to be reviewed. As your set your annual operation plan, your budgets if you will, you might be stabbing in the dark. You might be guessing, so why not at least from the move perspective, with the transportation perspective. Do you really know what’s going to happen with fuel next year? Do you really know what’s going to happen with the land rates by the lanes that you ship today or that you might ship tomorrow? There are a lot of devil in those details. Are you doing to trust your brokerage firm that is going to get paid a percent of your overall spend? Or, do you want to bring in a third, independent, party like us to help you through your budget process?