As no modern war has been won by one component of a nation’s military; the modern business is very much a “Combined Arms Effort.”

Beginning with a Forecast, we will lead an effort to bring transparency and collaboration across all elements of your business – Sales / Marketing / Operations and Finance.

This will become your best weapon to prevent “Silo’s” and ensure that communication is taking place.

This collaboration will make sure that you MINIMIZE out of stocks and surprises are kept to a minimum.

Video Transcript:

What is a football team without a huddle? Well, that’s an operational company without a working sales and operations planning process – or you’ve heard it referred to as S&OP. And I’m sure your eyes rolled when I said S&OP, didn’t they? Well, that’s because most companies can not execute an S&OP properly. Look all S&OP should be, is a process by which we take the forecast and run it by sales and marketing and operations and Finance to ensure that the demand depicted is correct; the points of supply can handle the demand, and we can move it in time to the customer at the best cost. Stop calling audibles – let us get you back in the huddle. Let us help you get control of your team.