Too much inventory Before and After Production can choke off and starve a business of much-needed cash.

Supply Chain and Operational Strategies must take Working Capital and the cash cost of holding inventory into account.

Large raw material orders can take up not only warehouse space but lead to significant spoils and obsolescence.

Likewise; unrealistic customer service expectations can cause a dramatic increase in finished goods inventory – locking up cash and driving spoils.

Too little Working Capital can lead to the single largest Supply Chain and Operations failure – the Out of Stock and the unlimited loss.

Video Transcript:

Cash is king! A properly functioning supply chain is one that leverages just what you need to service your customer. When you look at your warehouse – when you look at your warehouse floor, do you see product and input materials? Or do you see piles of cash? We see piles of cash. That cash sitting on your warehouse floor is symptomatic of an inability to properly execute your supply chain and operations. We at Beaird will attack excessive working capital, liberating cash to fuel growth. So let’s go get it!