Businesses with supply chains often turn to consultants. It can often be helpful to bring in an outsider’s perspective to help solve business challenges. Unfortunately, consultants often default to pie-in-the-sky suggestions that can never be realized, or propose cost-cutting measures that might save your business money in the short-term at the expense of your customer in the long-term. In addition, their recommendations always require them to stay on retainer to implement. This skyrockets fees and makes you question the arrangement overall.

Businesses need a supply chain partner who can deliver quick, efficient wins with speed, and approach problems with a realistic perspective. Beaird Solutions, founded in 2014 by a military vet and operations pro, has a get-it-done mentality and a practical “Buy, Make, Move” strategy to help you quickly optimize your supply chain without the cost of endless consulting fees.

Beaird Solutions is in a different league than traditional supply chain consulting firms. While we’re trained in supply chain theory, we don’t wax philosophical. We deliver specific, actionable plans for each of our clients. We focus on speed and execution. Once we identify opportunities to improve your supply chain process, we put them in place.

It’s all built off our three-step approach to the three areas of the supply chain where we can make the most significant – and fastest – impact:

  • BUY – Beaird Solutions helps you find opportunities to increase profit early in the supply chain through efficiencies through suppliers.
  • MAKE – We identify existing challenges in your manufacturing process and make recommendations so you can pass that value onto your customers.
  • MOVE – Finally, once your product leaves your warehouse, we assess short-term and long-term logistical opportunities to optimize the end of your chain.

Whether you’re a small brand or a global corporation, when you hire Beaird Solutions, you’re making a lean investment in the future of your business. By quickly embedding ourselves in your business, we build the expertise required to implement the best practices we know will drive your business forward. That’s how our clients quickly receive customized execution plans based on our fast audit of your existing supply management system.

Our goal is to empower your business to drive change long-term, not keep us on retainer for as long as possible. Our recommendations are designed to be executed by your internal team, and we’ll make sure they’re trained to carry them out and keep them up. If you’d prefer that we make it happen, we’re happy to do that, too.

With the advancements in technology today, even the smallest brand can tap into cloud-based solutions once reserved for big brands with bigger pockets. You need a partner with the tactics, technology, and team to deliver quick wins and sustainable long-term recommendations.

To learn more about what Beaird Solutions can do for your supply chain, visit us today at